• Me: (giggles after telling a secret to my crush's sister)
  • Karleigh(crush's sister): Ok, wow!
  • Mason (crush): What? Why are u talking about me?
  • Me: U wouldn't care anyways! U probably don't feel the same!
  • Mason: I will, just tell me!
  • Me: promise?
  • Mason: Yea, I promise!
  • Me: I like u, wanna go out?
  • Mason: sure!
  • .... That's how we met.... I will always love u Mason! <3....


Today I realized the only reason why u need braces, is because u need to smile a little once in a while. When I had braces, I was happy 24/7 and then I got rid of them and my life is miserable. I can’t wait to get braces back again! :)